Agroperlite 2L, 125L

Perlite – is an ecologically pure natural mineral, an effective enrichment to the soil. 

Methods of application:

Used alone or as part of the soil mixtures (e.g., with peat, sphagnum or sand) of various proportions.

The recommended perlite-soil proportion is 1: 4

In pure perlite, as it is inert, it is possible to germinate seeds or root cuttings, in order to avoid rotting.

Allows the roots to “breathe”, prevents the pest breeding and development of mold and fungi.

Can be used as a drainage in pots.

Protects the root system from external temperature fluctuations.

Improves air exchange, prevents soil caking.

Is used for winter storage of bulbous plants, supports the optimal temperature and humidity conditions, protects against decay.

Retains moisture (100 grams of perlite can absorb 500 ml of water), reduces the number of watering sessions.

When added to the soil, crop ripening period is reduced to 20%, and the output yield can be increased to 50%.

Promotes the absorption of nutrients, enriches the soil with trace elements.