Eco-clean preparation. Prepared on the basis of hot pepper and spice plants.



It is used to protect plants from aphids, thrips, slugs, blindworms, grubs and small caterpillars.


Mode of application:

To prepare the solution, pour 1 liter of water into 100 grams of the Agent and infuse for 24 hours, stirring occasionally. The resulting infusion should be filtered and diluted with 9 liters of water. It is recommended to spray the finished solution onto plants during the growing season, once in 7-10 days. Do not use during flowering period. It is recommended to perform the latest treatment 1 week before harvest.




When handling, observe the rules of personal hygiene. In case of contact with the skin - rinse with cold water. In case of contact with eyes and mucous membranes - rinse with the tea brew or a weak solution of chamomile. If swallowed - drink milk, cold black tea or chamomile tea.