About us

In 2008 the company Seenest OU (LTD) launched production of a "Vermicompost" fertilizer on the basis of horse manure, processed by composting worms.

The main goal of the Company is the production and distribution of high-quality, environmentally-friendly and efficient fertilizers and soils, assisting in obtaining a good harvest, which can be consumed without harm to human health.

Particular attention is paid to the quality of our products. This is demonstrated by the regular tests in the Agrochemical Laboratory of the Centre for Agricultural Research (Agrokeemia Laboratoorium Põllumajandusuuringute Keskus). (see)

In 2010, in the radio series of "Garden for the Lazy" at "Radio 4", the employees of Seenest OU and invited experts gave their advice and tips on the garden and orchard management with minimal physical and financial costs and on the correct use of fertilizers and soils of our production. Archive records of the program can be found here >>

"Vermicompost" – is a trade mark registered in Estonia in 2010. Today, the products of Seenest OU are available in all the major stores that specialize in agricultural products.