Liquid fertilizer for house plants, 0.5L

• Eco-clean

Rapidly “digested” by plants

Strengthens the immune system of plants

Stimulates plant growth

Reduces stress of transplanting 

Highly effective fertilizer to stimulate abundant flowering and formation of colorful foliage of houseplants, lawns, ornamental and garden shrubs and trees.

It improves soil structure and stimulates plant growth. Protects against diseases, weather-, chemical- and other stresses.

Suitable for all types of indoor plants, especially for orchids, palms, cacti, ferns, roses, aloe, geranium.

Recommendations for use

Spraying – once in every two weeks - 1/2 cap for 1 liter of water. Watering - 1 cap for 1 liter of water. Watering while transplanting - 2 caps for 1 liter of water.


Follow the personal hygiene rules. In case of contact with the skin and mucous membranes rinse with cold water. If swallowed, drink plenty of water. Keep away from food products.

Chemical composition:

(Contains, on a dry substance basis)

Total Nitrogen (N): 0.49 kg /t

Total phosphorus (P): 0.24 kg /t

Total potassium (K): 0.93 kg /t

Acidity (pH): 6.3 - 7.5