Prevents soil acidification

Optimizes moisture and air exchanges

Protection against acidification and formation of mold

 ▪ Saves useful microflora 


Nature of Exclay (expanded clay, LECA) is such that it absorbs the excess moisture, and when there is a lack of moisture - it gives the moisture back to the root system. That is –expanded clay optimizes moisture exchange and helps plants to survive periods of drought.

Expanded clay is chemically inert, does not degrade and has no odor. Expanded clay can be used as an additive for aerating heavy clay soils that allows plants to get more oxygen. Air exchange is optimized. In addition, expanded clay drainage prevents the acidification of the soil, eliminates the appearance of mold and moss on the surface of the soil.



Before planting, spread a layer of Exclay of about 2-3 cm to the bottom of a pot or to the bed, then fill it with soil and plant.