▪ Eco-clean fertilizer

Strengthens the immune system of plants

Stimulates plant growth

Protects from short night frosts

Increases the output yield by 1.5 - 2 times

Prolongs the shelf life of the crop

Reduces stress of transplanting 

The bioactive soluble concentrate based on Vermicompost-humus, designed to restore soil fertility and improve soil condition (growth + protection). Natural elixir of fertility. Versatile: for vegetables, fruits, flowers, herbs and trees. Improves soil structure, increases productivity and reduces the time of ripening. Protects against diseases, weather-, chemical- and other stresses. Reduces the amount of nitrates, heavy metals and radionuclides. Diminishes the cost of fertilizers and plant protection.

Recommendations for use

Watering – 1 cap for 10 liters of water. Soaking the seeds to improve germination ability - 1 drop per 250 ml of water. Soaking the roots of seedlings and cuttings for 12-24 hours to accelerate rooting - 0.5 cap for 20 liters of water. Pre-planting treatment (dipping) of potatoes - 4 drops for 1 liter of water. Spring and autumn soil enrichment – 1 cap for 5 liters of water.


Follow the personal hygiene rules. In case of contact with the skin and mucous membranes rinse with cold water. If swallowed, drink plenty of water. Keep away from food products.


Chemical composition:

(Contains, on a dry substance basis)

Total Nitrogen (N): 0.49 kg /t

Total phosphorus (P): 0.24 kg /t

Total potassium (K): 0.93 kg /t

Acidity (pH): 6.3 - 7.5