Strengthens the immune system of plants

Stimulates plant growth

Reduces stress of transplanting

Provides high output yield

Has high hygroscopic ability


Overdosing is impossible

Completely ready-to-use highly fertile soil of superior quality for planting and cultivation of seedlings of all kinds of fruit plants, both in open and protected ground.

It consists solely of natural eco-friendly materials - compost, peat, biohumus and sand.

The soil is completely balanced, contains the required amount of basic food items for the successful growth, development and survival of plants. It does not require additional fertilizer application.


The high content of humates and humic acids of natural origin assists in accelerating root formation. One of the ingredients - biohumus , which is made from horse manure, contains live cultures of beneficial soil microorganisms. It has preventive properties against a broad spectrum of fungal and bacterial diseases, including anti-scab, wilt, blackleg, late blight, moldy seed, root rots, seedling rots, powdery mildew, brown rust, smut, Alternaria leaf mold, Rhizoctonia rot, Fusarium blight, Septoria spot and many others. Might contain some cocoons and species of earthworms.

Nitrogen - 120 mg / 100g 

Phosphorus - 109mg / 100g 

Potassium - 66,8mg / 100g

Acidity (pH): 5.5 - 7.7