Liquid fertilizer for seedlings, 0.5L


Strengthens the immune system of plants

Stimulates plant growth

Provides high output yield


Overdosing is impossible

Liquid organic soft top-dressing for seedlings and for seeds soaking. It is made on the basis of vermicompost (a product of horse manure processing by earthworms). Accelerates the germination of seeds. Promotes increased growth and development of seedlings and the growth of root system. Eliminates the effects of stress during transplantation and adverse temperature fluctuations. Has a preventive action against phytopathogenic infections. Strengthens the immune system of the plant, laying the foundation for a good and stable output yield of vegetable, fruit and ornamental crops.

Recommendations for use

Watering - 1 cap for 1 liter of water. Soaking the seeds to improve germination ability - 1 drop per 50 ml of water. Soaking the roots of seedlings and cuttings for 12-24 hours to accelerate rooting - 1 cap for 1 liter of water.


Follow the personal hygiene rules. In case of contact with the skin and mucous membranes rinse with cold water. If swallowed, drink plenty of water. Keep away from food products.

Chemical composition 

Contains in terms of dry matter 

Total nitrogen (N): 2.10% 

Total phosphorus (P): 1.34% 

The total potassium (K): 2.06% 

Acidity (pH): 6.3 - 7.5